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   About us

ZHEJIANG HUAXING CHEMISTRY&PESTICIDE CO.,LTD. is a state-appointed agrochemical manufacturer. It is near Ningbo-Wenzhou Highway and 104 State Way, enjoying easy traffic access.

Huaxing Chemical is actively involved in the research, development, manufacture and sales of agrochemical products. It has fully established production lines and advanced quality control facilities, plus an expertised technical staff, well sufficed to ensure consistent quality. Besides, it has formed collaborative relationships with some academic organizations and research institutes to backup its R&D activities. Its products have been well received by customers not only in China, but in EU, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Huaxing Chemical regards quality management and R&D as the very basics for its future development. It also seeks to improve post-sales services to better communicate with its customers. It has been rated "AAA Enterprise" and "Trustworthy & Contract Abiding Enterprise" for years. The products it provide are warranted by PICC (People's Insurance Company of China).

President of Huaxing Chemical, Mr. Wang Shunliu, on behalf of all the employees, is look forward to opportunities for mutual cooperation with you, for the good of agriculture development.

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